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Arsenal jerseys

Arsenal Football Club was founded in 1886 in London Hollos. Won 13 times to obtain the England top league championship, 12 England FA Cup champion, 3 England Football League championship. Is the Premier League on one of the largest clubs. 2016-17 season, the home is still using the traditional Arsenal shirt red and white color, and the use of a novel V-neck design, with white shorts, plus red socks. 2016-17 season home jerseys, new jerseys have a blue-gray sports lapel sleeves also have a large area of blue-gray, shoulder and sleeve decorated with Puma classic Golden Formstrip stripes, cuffs alternate color fine lines. With a symbol of the golden yellow with blue-gray details. From the technical point of view, the players version of the jersey will continue to use PUMA ACTV Thermo-R technology, silicone strap will be implanted before and after the jersey to help players maintain the best body temperature in the campaign. Close to the body of the silica gel can also play a micro-massage effect on the skin to help athletes to play the best level.

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